General Requirements

 ​Applications for all grade levels may be filed during the Enrollment period usually during that months of April – May. However, during this pandemic our enrollment period was adjusted to the months of June to August.   ​

​For Continuing Berean Students, the latest report card is the only documentary requirement for enrollment to the next grade level. ​

​For New  Students and Transferees, a copy of the child’s PSA Birth Certificate and latest report card are required to be presented as the main documentary requirements for admission. ​

3.2 Admissions Process

 ​BCI uses an Assessment Test to determine the grade most appropriate for the student. Under the Blended Learning Program (BBLP), the assessment test is the first step in the admission process. However, if the student has a general average of 95 and above and no grade of 90 and below in any subject in any grade level, then the student need not to take the assessment test anymore. ​

 ​The assessment test is an online exam on grade-appropriate subjects such as English, Mathematics, Filipino, Science, or Araling Panlipunan which assesses the child’s mastery of the previous grade level completed.  ​

 ​Students enrolling under the Berean Home School need not take the Assessment Test as they will have a diagnostic test within the program to identify any learning gaps. The purpose of this diagnostic test is to help the parent in addressing any subject areas that the child may need additional ​

 ​Following the Assessment Test, the child will be scheduled for a Family Interview. This interview aims to get to know the child and his/her parent/guardian. Furthermore, it seeks to know if BCI Marikina is a good match for the children’s needs.​

Payment Methods and Discounts

The school fees may be paid on an Annual, Semestral, Quarterly or Monthly basis. Schedules of payment are determined at the beginning of the enrollment period. Fees may be paid in the cashier’s office via cash, cheque, credit/debit card. For off-site payments, online bank transfers, GCASH and bank deposits are also accepted.

BCI Markina gives discounts on deserving students. A list of the discounts per category are listed below:

  1. Academic Discounts (only for Non Homeschool Students)
  • First Rank in Class or a General Average of 98% and above for a BCI student
  • Second Rank in Class or a General Average of 96% – 97.99% for a BCI student
  • Third Rank in Class or a General Average of 94% – 95.99% for a BCI student

Transferees from another school are required to submit a Certification Letter from the Principal of the previous school certifying that the said transferee has been a recipient of such rank.

  • Economic Discount
  • This benefit is given if more than 2 siblings are enrolled in the school during the same school year. The school gives a discount beginning from the 3rd child onwards (4th, 5th etc.).

  • Single parents may also apply for this type of discount for one of their legitimate children. (Please present a Solo Parent ID)
  • Pursuant to Republic Act 10754, discounts are also given to students bearing a PWD ID. 
  • Ministerial Discount
  • The school also gives discounts for Children of Full-Time Pastors

A letter from the church council or board must be presented, certifying that the parent of the child is a full-time pastor.

  • Partnership Discount

Discounts are given to the following:

  • Community Bible Church of Marikina Members
    • Children of School Faculty and Staff
    • Close relatives of School Faculty and Staff (subject to prior management approval)
    • Children of Marikina City government employees
  • Public School Assistance Discount
  • BCI Marikina also gives Public School Transferees a discount during their first year in the school.
  • Student Athlete Discount

BCI Marikina celebrates and honors achievements in the area of sports and gives discounts to students who have received medals in the sports which they have represented the school. This discount is given during the academic year the award is achieved.

In cases when the student is qualified for more than ONE (1) category, discount that which gives the highest benefit  from any TWO (2) categories can be availed.

President’s Scholarship

A full 100% Tuition fee scholarship grant is awarded to a BCI Marikina student who has achieved the Highest Honors in the Grade Level Six (6) level as an incoming Grade Seven (7) student, as well as the student who finished Grade Ten (10) with   Highest Honors as an incoming Grade Eleven (11) student.  In order to maintain this scholarship in the succeeding years, the student should achieve all of the following:

  1. Retain the rank of First Honors in class.
  2. Maintain a grade of 90% or better in all academic subjects.
  3. Maintain a Conduct grade of E (Excellent) or equivalent to 95% and above.
  4. No disciplinary action imposed at any time during the academic year.

DepEd Senior High School Voucher System

This voucher program is intended for Grade 10 Completers who wish to pursue Senior High School education. It enables students to claim discounts or deduction from tuition fees charged by an SHS institution where he/she enrolls.

Since BCI is a private school, BCI Grade 10 completers may individually apply for the voucher. Online application is available at