The Berean Home School (BHS) Program is a Parent-led, Home-based educational learning program of BCI Marikina Inc., designed to provide child-learners with access to formal education from the Kindergarten level up to the Senior High School Level while staying in a home environment.​

 ​In a very unique way, BHS provides the parents an unparalleled opportunity of shaping the character values of their children by exercising a direct active role in their education.​

​On March 2, 2020, BCI Marikina obtained the written approval for the offering of this home schooling program starting AY 2020-2021 under the Alternative Delivery Mode (ADM) category of the Flexible Learning Options (FLOs) of the Department of Education National Capital Region (DepEd NCR).​

​This Academic Year BCI Marikina launches 2 homeschooling options that our parents and students can choose depending on their needs called BHS and BHS basic. ​