• Community Bible Church of Marikina
  • Wela School Systems & Mobile App.
  • Office 365 and MS Teams
  • Prime English
  • WELA Learning Management System a
  • Quipper
  • Asian Psychological Services and Assessments
  • MobyMax and Exact Path
  • Online Grading System

Community Bible Church, Vallejo California is located at 710 Broadway Street Vallejo, California, United States. CBC Vallejo is an evangelical church with an emphasis on Christ-centered expository preaching, the doctrines of grace, discipleship and missions. CBC Vallejo also has an in house Theological Seminary and Leadership Training Center called ‘The Cornerstone Bible College and Seminary (TCBS)’.

In 2015, Community Bible Church at Vallejo California commissioned BCI Marikina President Rev. Raul M. Caguin, to set up a church plant in Marikina City called Community Bible Church of Marikina. Moreover, CBC Marikina has adopted BCI Marikina as one of its evangelistic ministries in teaching the Bible to its students.

Through this partnership, BCI Marikina has been able to avail of quality training materials to guide our students in spiritual disciplines like prayer, bible reading and personal devotion, all leading towards imbibing godly values of loving God and loving others.

ZION’S PRAISE MUSIC INCORPORATED. Independent research has proven that music plays a significant role in the development of a child’s good behavior and personality.

Each student in BCI Marikina is provided with the unique opportunity to learn one (1) musical instrument per year under the guidance of professional music teachers using tested and proven training program called Practical Music Course (PMC). This guided training culminates in an annual recital performance of all BCI students in all grade levels by the end of the school year.

CHIMES. CHIMES or “Creative Holistic Integrated Music Education System'', is a research-based, carefully-designed music curriculum for Grades 1 to 6 that is richly and creatively useful for both face-to-face and online learning management systems of teaching. It comes with a complete package of both printed and digital modules, professional teacher training, lecture slides, and loads of audio tracks and video lessons for the music class.

Wela School System or Wela Online Corp. Is an end-to-end school system where students and parents can view their grades, announcements, billing statement all thru a mobile app. The system takes the numerous manual processes like enrollment and grading system inherent in an educational institution and converts it to a semi-automatic system helping BCI Marikina focus on what is important -  delivering quality Christian education.

During this pandemic BCI Marikina uses the combination of the Microsoft for Education (Learning Management System, Teams, Office 365) as its main platform to enable online lectures, discussions that scale from one-on-one chat to larger group conversation, and also create focused content work, like assignments and a class notebook. The Microsoft 365 platform through SharePoint, Teams and Mobile devices provide a familiar environment for our staff, teachers and students to make the transition into a digital classroom quicker and easier.

Scholastic PR1ME Mathematics is a forward-thinking, innovative, Singaporean mathematics program based on the curriculum standards and effective teaching and learning practices of the global-top performers in The International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) – Singapore, Republic of Korea and Hong Kong.

WELA Learning Management System also known as SILID ARALAN is a complete platform for Learning Management System that enables teachers to provide a more effective way of creating a virtual environment for their students. For BCI Marikina, it serves as the main platform for student assessment for each subject in every grade level.

Quipper is a user-friendly learning management system with extensive DepEd-aligned content for Grades 4-12.

Two tests will be administered to all BCI students. One will measure cultivated multiple intelligences, developed interest and study habits that contribute to effective learning and another to survey their Social and Emotional learning states. 

MobyMax is a tool to close learning gaps with adaptive learning that will engage every Grade 1 to 8 student with games, interactive lessons and activities while pinpointing missing skills with diagnostic assessments.

Exact Path is a tool to meet students exactly where they are while allowing learning facilitators to spot academic gaps to employ targeted instruction enabling students to propel learning forward. 

Exclusive to families enrolled in the Berean Home School program, the online grading System aims to aid Parent-Facilitators in the timely and organized submission of their child’s grades. The system’s goal is to make the submission of grades as simple as possible so the parents can focus on their role of being facilitators in their child’s learning process.