Foundation Week

BCI Marikina annually holds its Foundation Week to celebrate God’s faithfulness in the whole BCI Community, which also aims to build a stronger partnership with parents and to nurture stronger family relationships.

Music Recital

By the end of the school year, the guided training of the students under the Practical Music Course (PMC) culminates in an annual recital performance where the students get to showcase their God-given talents.

Christmas Celebration 

The school celebrates the beauty and wonder of Christmas in an annual event together with parents and students. As a way of sharing joy and giving back, BCI Marikina also organizes its community outreach.

Moving Up and Graduation

BCI Marikina proudly celebrates and honors its beloved Completers and Graduates on their Completion and Graduation Day.

Purity Ball

An annual event wherein Junior and Senior High School students get to celebrate God’s relentless love, create lasting memories with their friends, and appreciate the importance of purity.

Annual Family Assembly

An annual event with speakers for our Parents and Teens with targeted discussions about relevant family issues.