BCI Marikina is a Christian school that offer the completed Department of Education Recognized Nursery to Grade 12 Levels. Our teaching approach bridges the Traditional-Conventional approach to the Progressive type of Teaching-Learning Method with emphasis on the experiential or Hands-on Learning with the goal of developing student capacity for Self-Directed Learning, Teamwork, Goal Orientation, Sense of Responsibility, Accountability for results and above all, Godly Christian Character.​

 ​For Berean students in the grade school or high school levels, a typical class day involves one MAJOR subject (this lasts for 2-4 hours) accompanied by 3-4 MINOR subjects (this lasts for an hour). This means that for a Grade 1 student, Math class may be assigned on a Monday, English on Tuesday, Science on a Wednesday, and so on. This differs from traditional schools where all subjects are taken per class day.