BCI strives to nurture and inspire its students by providing them with the academic and creative standards necessary to be the best versions of themselves as GOD wants them to be.​

Our teaching approach is modeled after the exemplary attitude demonstrated by a group of Christian Jews as recorded in the Bible. We call this The Berean Method.​

​In Acts 17:10-12, the Bereans were described as “more noble” (mature & humble in character), they “received the word” being preached by the Apostle Paul “with all eagerness” (open minded & purposeful), “examining the Scriptures daily” to see if these things were so (intentional & consistent). Many of them therefore believed including women of high standing as well as men (without gender & social bias).​

​Using the Berean Method, we aspire to build happier and highly motivated students because we apply integrated and interdisciplinary teaching methods where students work collaboratively with classmates, and where students and teachers have a mutually respectful relationship as learners and mentors.​